After Copper pans, Iron pans has the fastest heat conduction among all cookware materials. They will quickly reach the ideal high
temperatures for the Maillard reaction: quickly sear your steaks to keep all juices and preserve their original taste and tenderness.
They will deliciously brown and crust your meat like you could never do before.

Thick iron pans are extremely heat resistant and can be used at very high temperatures with no damage and safely.
Iron by the way is healthy, a needed element for our body. And Iron has the advantage of being very affordable! But there is a bit
of additional weight vs other materials and need a special care to season it and get rid of rust.

For Cooking lovers whose budget is not an issue or who prefers not to care about the seasoning and washing process of iron,
you can go for Copper pans, the top, or de Buyer’s 5-layers stainless steel collection AFFINITY, with very close results to sear, grill and brown

Mineral B Bois (wood handle)

Mineral B French (Eiffel tower handle)

Mineral B Pro (cast st. steel handle)

Mineral B Removable (detachable handle)


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