The Art of Wine & Sharing. L'ATELIER DU VIN is a rare specialist able to cover every step in the life of a wine, from the cellar to the glass. Since 1926, Sanbri, the mother Company of L'Atelier du Vin, has been a leader and innovator in making functional wine tools: from professional equipment for wine-making, bottling and serving, to wonderful and amazingly designed tools for us, wine lovers or neophytes! 


Corscrews design & efficient

Gift boxes of essential wine tools

Glasses, decanters & cleaning tools

Wine aeration, saving and serving tools

Wine coolers

Wine racks, bags, clock & lamps

PARIS DANSANT - The latest beautiful video of L'Atelier du Vin shot in Paris

L'ATELIER DU VIN - A tasting in Paris

L'ATELIER DU VIN - Aperitif on the Beach