Bamboo is a highly symbolic tree here in Asia. One of the "four gentlemen", bamboo has the features of uprightness, tenacity and hollow heart. Bamboo looks weak compared to other trees, but it is strong. Bamboo bends in the wind and typhoon, but never breaks. BERARD bamboo cutting board uses those characteristics and symbols of life. They in addition resist odor and bacteria.

Cutting boards Bamboo

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Care of wooden products

  • Do not clean in a dishwater: it may cause the wood to crack or break
  • Wood can warp or crack if exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Never soak in water

Use of detergent is not recommended. BERARD advises to clean its tools by rinsing with warm water and drying vertically. To prevent the wood from drying out, regularly apply vegetable oil or food-safe mineral oil or beeswax. These suggestions will help keep your tool in good conditions for many years of enjoyment.