The beech tree is a majestic, highly resistant tree: it grows up to 40 meters tall at up to 1500 m altitude and can live for 300 years easily. It has for longtime been associated with the symbolism of learning and knowledge in Europe. It produces hard, dense, white wood which can readily be used for parquet flooring. Its white-flecked appearance adds charm to BERARD trays and kitchen utensils and holders.

Cutting boards Beech wood

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Care of wooden products

  • Do not clean in a dishwater: it may cause the wood to crack or break
  • Wood can warp or crack if exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Never soak in water

Use of detergent is not recommended. BERARD advises to clean its tools by rinsing with warm water and drying vertically. To prevent the wood from drying out, regularly apply vegetable oil or food-safe mineral oil or beeswax. These suggestions will help keep your tool in good conditions for many years of enjoyment.