Hand crafted wooden tools since 1892

Since 1892, BERARD, located in the mountains of Royans, which border the northern edge of Provence, has specialized in creating true French hand-crafted artisan items for the kitchen and home from carefully selected woods such as beech wood, boxwood, and olive wood. The skilled craftsmen use their extensive experience and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to create the best in quality and design in both traditional as well as innovative BERARD Kitchen tools and Tableware.

Environment & People first

Each item is produced by respecting the most important values of BERARD:  the people, the material and the environment. BERARD continually searches to protect the nature that surrounds us, so that the next generation can enjoy the beauty that we have come to know. Every item in beech wood, box wood or cherry wood comes from FSC certified forests. Every olive wood item comes from agricultural orchards and each tree is cut with respect to the laws that protect each country and the use of olive wood


No waste, no chemical

BERARD production is organized so that they use 100% of the wood. BERARD tends to repair the little imperfections in the wood instead of applying a chemical treatment in order to have a uniform and smooth surface. The balance of the wood that is not suitable for production,  is used to heat the drying chamber and the building in the winter, so no wood is wasted.


Each piece is unique

Each piece, especially those created in olive wood, are hand made by craftsmen. BERARD tries to use the maximum of what the trunk has to offer. Therefore, uniformity does not exist and the little “imperfections” belong to this natural product.  No two pieces are exactly alike.


Care of wooden products

For the best results in maintaining the beauty of these products, BERARD suggests that you do not use strong detergents. Simply hand wash and rinse the pieces in warm water and leave to dry in a vertical position – do not soak in water neither.
To prevent the wood from drying, occasionally apply some vegetable oil, food safe mineral oil or beeswax.
Do not put in the dishwasher.
These suggestions will help keep the products in good condition for many years.



The weight of so many symbols – peace, fertility, purification, strength, victory and reward – will bend but not break the olive tree. This is « the » typical Mediterranean tree, with renaissance in its core and a very robust texture, tight fibers and superb yellow polish with browny veins. Cabinet makers and sculptors swear by it. And so does BERARD, judging by its salad servers, salad bowls and many accessories. Olive wood is a very durable wood which provides the intriguing grain that makes each piece unique. As olive wood is very dense, it resists odors and stains better than other types of wood.


This majestic, highly resistant tree (it grows up to 40 meters tall at up to 1500 m altitude and can live for 300 years easily) produces hard, dense, white wood which can readily be used for parquet flooring. Its white-flecked appearance adds charm to BERARD trays and kitchen utensils and holders.


Bamboo is a highly symbolic tree here in Asia. One of the "four gentlemen", bamboo has the features of uprightness, tenacity and hollow heart. Bamboo looks weak compared to other trees, but it is strong. Bamboo bends in the wind and typhoon, but never breaks. BERARD bamboo cutting board uses those characteristics and symbols of life.

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