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 "Crème de la Crème" Wine openers

CHATEAU LAGUIOLE corkscrews are the beloved handmade wine openers of wine professionals and wine enthusiasts worldwide. Indeed, the finely crafted materials, the wood warms & fragrance or unique sensation of horn, the relatively heavy weight of those truly magnificent France made openers distinguishes them from all others. A luxury tool & gift you'll keep for life: Chateau Laguiole corkscrews have a lifetime warranty.



A bit of History

In 1992 Guy Vialis, Master Sommelier and Cutler was the first to adapt the Laguiole knife design to a true waiter style wine opener. He thought that sommeliers and wine enthusiasts needed an elegant and performing sommelier knife to open their cherished bottles. Chateau LAGUIOLE was born. The famous knife Laguiole, named after the Auvergnat village in France "Laguiole" was first made in 1829. But no cutlery was making any wine openers worthy the name of that famous knife until Guy Vialis launched Chateau LAGUIOLE collections. Chateau LAGUIOLE quickly became the tools adopted by the best wine professionals around the world, included the elected Best Sommeliers of the World, each of them endorsing one specially Chateau LAGUIOLE corkscrew designed for them and baring their name.

Guy Vialis with Paolo Basso, best sommelier of the World 2013 and great Sommeliers of Asia
Daisuke Kawai, Best Sommelier of Asia in French Wine 2017 /  Guy Vialis, creator of Chateau Laguiole, with Paolo Basso, Best Sommelier of the World 2013 /  Jimbo Chang, Professional Sommelier in Taiwan



Official partner of ASI, Chateau LAGUIOLE creates for each newly elected Best Sommelier of the World, side by side, its personalized Sommelier corkscrew, not only baring its signature, but symbolizing who the winner is through choices of the handle materials, shapes or symbols added on purpose.


The Grand Cru series of Chateau LAGUIOLE were created by transforming the Classics series into a stylish and modern design, with beveled brass at both endings of the handle. Thus, those wider beveled brasses made them even more durable openers, for heavy duty use.


The Classics series of Chateau LAGUIOLE has been designed to emphasize the handle material. With minimalist straight cut brass at each ending of the handle, versus beveled brass on the Grand Cru series, the warmth of the wood or the glossy touch of the horn make them a discreet and true master piece of artcraft for wine enthusiasts.


The Chateau de Versailles collection is a unique and limited series. All Versailles models are made exclusively of wood varieties recycled from the gardens of the famous Chateau de Versailles after a massive storm destroyed many trees in France in early 2000. Each handle is made of wood aged from 221 to 324 years old, bringing us back to a period when the Kings of France were still living at Versailles.
Chateau LAGUIOLE Versailles series honors those rare wood essences by adding only one beveled solid brass at the top, allowing the wood to cover the handle to the end. Magnificent. Versailles series lever is engraved with the symbol of the past Kingdom of France, the Lys Flower.

Chateau Laguiole Limited Editions corkscrews


Chateau LAGUIOLE creates from time to time a unique model, often in a limited numbers, to celebrate a special event, person or partnership.




Chateau Laguiole by Wood handles


    With CHATEAU LAGUIOLE success came afterwards some similar designs launched by some equally master cutlers from Auvergne area in France, from Laguiole or nearby city Thiers, where Chateau Laguiole is produced and which has been the cutlery capital of Europe for centuries, all offering quality and their own special touch. It was a normal and healthy competition. Unfortunately, Chateau Laguiole is as well purely copied by some unscrupulous and low skilled manufacturers and retailers around the world, making clear infringement of Chateau Laguiole patents and copyrights. Don't be trapped by abnormal low prices you may find anywhere. Feel safe to purchase your true & original Chateau Laguiole with us, ACCESS WINE & LIVING, which mother company Hyphenea is the official importer in Greater China, and enjoy your Chateau Laguiole lifetime warranty.