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The only cast iron cocotte with build-in precision Thermometer


Perfect for slow-cooking, braising, roasting and many other ways of cooking Combekk "Dutch Oven" are high quality casserole made of completely enameled cast iron of fully recycled material, with a functional design. This limited edition has been by recycling 100% iron Dutch train rails.

The strong one layer of enamel coating prevents “chipping” of the enamel. Enameled cast iron cookware retains heat and creates a uniform heat distribution across the pan.  The heavy lid completely seals off the pan and keeps fumes, juices and flavours in the pan. The knob on the lid is made from aluminium which makes the pan oven-proof.

That’s why the best chefs in the world use enameled cast iron Dutch Ovens. This Combekk Dutch Oven brings these features to your stove at home.