Our collection of nicely crafted corkscrews is the result of years of testing, professional and wine amateur feedback and close relationship with the brands we believe to be the best in their field. They all have in common to be functional, reliable and beautiful. To make each piece truly unique, you have the option customize your corkscrew with laser engravings.


& Handmade Collections

Made in France by extremely skilled craftsmen, those little pieces of art require patented and secret mechanisms, wonderful various handles made of premium wood, horns, metals or composite innovations, dozens of set up operations and hours of careful polishing. Their functionality was designed and made to fit the needs of professional Sommeliers: in terms of resistance to handle heavy openings daily, in terms of efficiency to uncork sometime very old bottles and fragile corks without breaking them. They are the cherished tool of Sommeliers and Wine Enthusiasts.


Worldwide famous and beloved Sommelier Knife, Chateau Laguiole remains the ultimate trophee of The Best Sommelier of the World. The finely crafted materials, the wood warmth & fragrance or unique sensation of horns, the thin line but relatively heavy weight of those truly magnificent openers distinguishes them from all others. 


Another superb Laguiole line collection handcrafted by Master Cutlery C. Dozorme. While a historic Laguiole knife maker (120 years), Dozorme never stops innovating by combining High tech and Tradition. It's the only Laguiole using Torx screws to fix the handles, a tapered bit and patented axis you can retightens anytime yourself with the wrench provided. In addition to the traditional Horn & Premium Wood handle materials, Clos Laguiole introduces magnificent and unique Resins and Mammoth Molar handles. 

Sommelier Haute Cuisine

We found in love with its unique design among all the handmade corkscrews on Earth. Another innovation by Master Cutlery C. Dozorme, one of the historic and traditional Laguiole knife maker embracing modernity. Tapered bit and axis self-retightening, a sharp serrated blade, an extremely pleasant jewel to handle.


& Extremely Functional

Keys to access the desired nectar, corkscrews and openers get a multitude of smart systems and design. L’ATELIER DU VIN France 1926 is our Champion Brand in that field, with no equivalent. They’ve been rewriting consistently and for decades the mechanisms and design of this object. Opening your wine with ease and choosing the ergonomic that suits you is their Motto. 

Oeno Motion

Those compact vertical-lever corkscrews were designed to ensure the quick and easy uncorking of wine bottles.

Soft Machine

Soft Machine extracts the cork from your bottle in only one move, in a completely fluid and continuous way, thanks to its unique gear system

Electronic Barman & Foil Cutter

Uncorking your bottles effortless, that's possible with Electronic Barman. You'll just have to cut the foil properly thank to foil plastic foil cutter added. Unless you'll go for the Metal design and elegant foil cutter.


& Sabers & Openers

Champagne & Sparkling wines require a different opening technic. One made popular by Napoleon consist in Sabering the cork: a spectacular way for memorable parties and events. The other, by hand, not always an easy step, for ladies especially. No worry, we’ve got the tool of ease for that too.


The legend says that Napoleon was a Champagne enthusiast and systematically celebrated his victories by sabering his Champagne with his Generals. The tradition has remained in France. Our Sabers are made by Master Cutlery C. Dozorme. Their only purpose is to Saber Champagne: they are not weapon and thus their blade is not sharp-edged.

Champagne Opener

Espousing perfectly any Champagne & Sparkling cork shape, our Champagne Opener is a simple tool which let you open your bottle with ease and elegance.