De Buyer has been committed to the culinary arts for almost two centuries. From the heart of gastronomy world stage, France, de Buyer invents and manufactures precise, technical, robust and reliable cookware, baking molds and utensils for professional users of all around the world. That's a treasure of quality and long-lasting kitchen utensils for both amateurs of fine cuisine and home cooks preparing daily meals or wishing to bake at home.




Grill, roast, stew, juice and sauce reduction, cook by immersion, rewarm, vegetable juliennes, cubes or chips, making mousses, puff, canelés, macarons, pancakes, tarts...each purpose, each result its material. Cook like a Chef with de Buyer.



Chef's Corner

Chef Philippe Laruelle  -  Maitre Cuisiner de France

Seared duck foie gras & Chestnuts fricassee topping chestnuts fine cream