Kitchen Knives


Fibre Karbon 1

The solid and balanced high-tech compression-moulded handle with multiple layers of carbon fibre is practical and efficient. The blades are extremely hard, in accordance with Western tradition, and perfectly sharp, in accordance with Japanese tradition; this is the perfect meeting of the two worlds that set the standards in cutlery.


Fibre Karbon 2

FK2 knife: Highly developed material: X50CrMoV15 steel blade. Hard for perfect and long-lasting sharpness. Fine geometry of the blade: a finer bevel edge compared to traditional blades for improved sharpness. Solid and long-lasting, with its thick bolster and its solid single-piece tang combined with a strong carbon-fibre polymer handle. Ergonomic handle providing a good, non-slip grip. It features a calibrating system: to restore the right balance between blade and handle, unscrew the back to adjust the number of counter-weight rings.



De Buyer has developed a range of manual professional sharpeners using the Diamonds Cams technique - a patented system. These sharpeners sharpen and hone any type of knife rapidly and precisely, with professional results.