Mince, slice, remove veins, gut, cut or chop, the complementary nature of the range and collections created by CLAUDE DOZORME provides an endless variety of use to professional chefs and experiences enthusiasts. DOZORME's "Haute Cuisine" knives symbolize the perfect marriage between form and function. Their pure sleek line, high-quality steel and professional cutting power offer very high precision cutting ability combined with unrivaled strength and durability. The "1902" kitchen knife range, created by designer Jacky le Faucheur with an audacious red and white Vichy fabric, is a perfect balance between design and authenticity. The "Flat Cut" knife range, finds its originality in its asymmetric shape and its tilted handle. The blade is emphasized to make the knives simple and pure. Their handle thicker on a side makes the knife very pleasant to hold.

Chef Knives