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LE NEZ DU VIN, 100% made in France in the heart of Provence. Somehow, if today we can describe that butter taste in one Dom Perignon vintage or a truffle aroma in this Bandol red wine, it is thanks to Mr. Jean Lenoir and Le Nez du Vin. Le Nez du Vin is 100% made in France. The aromas have been identified for almost 40 years in a permanent and scientific approach in partnership with engineers from the famous INRA in France. Thousands of aromas have been so far identified in Wine and produces 80% of our tasting pleasure. The sets are a smart selection of the most common aromas.




Jean Lenoir talks about the Book inside the kit Le Nez du Vin 54 aromas

A gift from nature, selected and deployed by scent hunters

Jean Lenoir talks about the Faults in wine and the Faults set kit