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Helping you to lay out your table elegantly, colourfully and cheerfully has been Sabre's goal since 1993.

As Sabre sees it, the finest table is the one that most closely resembles you! Combine styles, mix-and-match colours and give free rein to your inspiration ... Welcome to Sabre!

Whether you prefer vintage, all-natural, bohemian or ultra-chic, express your personality through your tableware. Buy it as a pack or as individual items, mix & match or combine different colors and patterns with traditional design: with Sabre, you simply can’t put a foot wrong! Sabre's cutlery sets are designed to fit you, for every taste and every occasion. Your cozy private evenings, day-to-day meals and formal banquets will be resolutely cheerful and tasteful. So surprise your guests and give your table that decorative touch!