Prepare your soup, your pasta sauce, heat your milk, slowly melt your dark chocolate to prepare your delicious cake...enameled saucepans diffuse the heat in a harmonious way, don't stick and are best recommended for cooking at slow fire, even though they can endure very strong heat. Enameled frypans can be used at extreme heat to grill your steaks and sausages, as well as slow fire to reduce your sauces.

Why Enameled Cast-iron Casseroles?

Enameled cast-iron is ideal for simmering, roasting, or simply reheating thanks to its unquestionable properties:

  • spreads heat evenly, for slow cooking and saving energy
  • resistant to high temperature
  • absorbs and retains heat to keep food hot
  • compatible with all types of hob
  • easy to use and keep clean
  • hard wearing

Care recommendations

CHASSEUR sets a double layer of enamel, with black on the edges to protect from corrosion. Indeed, the enamel prevent the cast-iron to oxidize, a natural consequence of iron in contact with humidity even though not dangerous for health. And it helps as well to cook with natural non-stick properties. However strong and solid, take scrupulous care of the enamel layers to keep those properties: don't use sharp tools or knives which with time will damage the enamel. Prefer using wooden tools. Don't scratch strongly when washing as well.

IMPORTANT: don't use the saucepans in Oven. Their wooden handle might burn.