In our hot countries more than anywhere else, Wine Coolers & Buckets are a must have! Champagne are generally best at very cool temperatures, 6 to 8 degrees, most of white & rose wines, at 9 to 12 degrees. But even your red wines, especially your Fruity red wines, could be refreshed to around 14 degrees for the very fruity to 16 degrees for your more complex red wines. Refresh & cool your wines in style with the following collection! From light but smart refreshers from L'ATELIER du VIN, to colorful acrylic ice buckets from PULLTEX, light and safe near the swimming pool or on the beach, or luxury massive pewter Champagne Buckets made by OA1710, true master pieces of Art, Buckets are also for the pleasure of your eyes.  


OA 1710 champagne buckets, bowls and stands.