Glasses & decanters are probably the most important accessories to fully enjoy your wines, and make you tasting with friends a true pleasant moment. First, they stand firm on your table, as objects contributing to the atmosphere and decoration. They reveal the true color & shades of your wines. They will let it breathe a little, moderately or a lot, and let it reach its optimal temperature. The "Stem" of the glass, in your hand, will awake your first sensation, of elegance, or easiness. The "Rim" of the glass will be first in contact with your lips, before the shape of its "Bowl" will define how the wine is going to flow in your mouth, an arrow shape, or a round shape, defining which senses of your tongue will be more "excited". Yes, all that will impact your appreciation of the wine you drink.

TAKING CARE of your glasses & decanters

We strongly recommend you to pay a look at our "CLEANING ESSENTIALS" category to take care at best of your wine glasses & decanters. We do not recommend using detergent to wash them: with time, micro particles of detergent may alter your wine.